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Sarah’s Story

I had my baby 2 weeks ago today.  This review would be novel-length in order to capture all the praise I have for Cindi and her amazing fairy godmother of birth ways, but I am writing in the few moments respite this little guy gives me.  Cindi was recommended to me by several different unrelated people in my life, from neighbors to my favorite yoga teacher and now I know why.  From the moment I met her when she came to our house for our first prenatal visit, I immediately felt like I was in good hands.  Cindi has attended over 160 births, if I remember correctly, and it shows in her strength, sense of humor, and confidence.  I ended up having my dream birth, a relatively short but super intense 9 hour labor with no drugs, and I truly believe that it was because of the preparation ahead of time and her intuitive, gentle absolutely perfect assistance during the labor that I had the birth experience I did.  Cindi allowed my husband to take the lead as support but stepped in when she could tell I was needing it.  She helped us prepare a birth plan that reflected our wishes and made sure the hospital staff stuck to it (and remembered to bring a copy of it–we forgot it in the frenzy of getting to the hospital) and was an amazing liaison with the midwife and nurses.  After the birth, she stayed with us until we were settled in and then returned to our house after we got home from the hospital bearing wonderful, nourishing food, letting us borrow a bassinet and other gear we were missing and returning the next day at last minute request to feed us, set up the house, sterilize pump equipment, assist with breastfeeding and just generally be a domestic goddess beyond my wildest dreams:).   She also encapsulated my placenta and made a gorgeous print of it that looks like an amazing sea creature.  I am almost fully recovered after only 2 weeks and I fully attribute that to Cindi’s care and the effects of the placenta.  I love Cindi so much and would wish her on any pregnant woman/couple looking for a wonderful birth experience.
Sarah Eggars

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“Cindi is truly one of a kind.  The first time I met with her she was like a breath of fresh air.  I knew right away her calm, warm energy and easy going nature was exactly what I needed for this amazing journey.” (read more)

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